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Fantasea prides itself on its people – they are who have gotten us to where we are today as a brand who has been around for 30 years! Our team are dedicated to providing the best in customer service and ensuring that your journey with us is a memorable one. Whether it’s in Magnetic Island, Palm Beach or Sydney Harbour. We guarantee an excellent experience on our vessels every time thanks to our highly skilled crew.

We strive to work as a team to achieve the same ideals as our parent company, Riverside Marine who have been operating in the Marine Industry for over 80 years.

Fantasea’s Values

DIVERSITY, PASSION, EXPERIENCE and VISION are the engines which power Fantasea Adventure Cruising.

  • DIVERSITY born of the broad sweep of our workforce, our customers and the communities we work within.
  • PASSION from a workforce driven by loyalty and a quest for excellence.
  • EXPERIENCE from more than 80 years in the maritime industry.
  • VISION from a perspective founded on knowledge and inventiveness.

Our Captain | Hume K Campbell

Hume K Campbell
Hume K CampbellChief Executive Officer, Fantasea Cruising
“Whether in the general marine transport industry or in our tourism activities, the ethos of our companies is based on quality, presentation and delivery of memorable service. Our staff work so tirelessly to ensure our business is a success. I am immensely proud and believe that Fantasea will continue to go from strength to strength in the future.”