Sydney Harbour has plenty of amazing sights for locals and visitors from around the world. We’ve summed up the best five places that you HAVE to see while in Sydney!

Harbour Bridge Climb

bridgeThe iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is sight that you definitely not miss when in Sydney with it’s amazing architecture over the harbour and it’s heights overlooking Sydney itself. Over 3 million people have climbed the bridge with unbeatable views over the entire city. The staff here will guide you on an unforgettable trip and one that will give you a sense of accomplishment once you reach the end.

TIP: If you’re on a budget then the “Bridge Pylon Climb” will give you great views of the harbour and you can take your own camera with you too!

Prices start at around $200 for the Harbour Bridge Climb & $10 for the Pylon Lookout. Visit the website for more

Opera @ the Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is another icon that is renowned across the world. It’s design was to mimic the look of large sails on Sydney Harbour, using many “shells” in the design concept.

If opera isn’t your foray then there are plenty of different types of performances that can be seen here of all different genres. The venue is home to four key companies:  Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

As one of the world’s most famous performing art centres and an icon of Australia, it is a must see.

TIP: Pack a lunch and sit ledges near the waterside for a nice meal with a view.

Prices are varied. Please visit

Darling Harbour

darling_harbour_3_1000This harbour side entertainment area is a vibrant part of Sydney with many restaurants, shops and entertainment events. It’s very easily accessible and a great way to pass the day with many activities at your avail. There’s something here for everybody!

TIP: Catch the Monorail from here before this iconic Sydney structure is removed within the next few months.

Price is FREE! Find out what’s happening at

Sydney Harbour Ferries

Operating since 1875, the Sydney Ferries are the best way to experience the harbour and sights of Sydney. These ferries provide a unique public transport system to tourists, visitors and residents to enjoy the magnificent harbour as well as easy access to many destinations around Sydney.

The ferries are well priced for sightseeing so make sure to get outside and enjoy the ocean spray. These ferries give you a great cruise around the harbour for a fraction of the price… you might even end up on one of Fantasea’s ferries!

TIP: The Sydney Harbour Ferrython is the best way to see Sydney’s ferries out in force!

Prices are varied. Please visit

Taronga Zoo

whole-fleet-circular-quayAnimals, views and amazing enclosures. Taronga Zoo offers so much to see in so little time! Ferries are the only great way to get here and it certainly does live up to its hype being known to be so open, free and well maintained.

The staff here are friendly and helpful so make sure to ask them any questions you may have as they will be more than happy to help. No matter how old you are there is something special to enjoy here.

TIP: Make sure to take the Sky Safari gondola for a ride high over the zoo grounds!

Prices: Prices are around $44 per adult and $22 for children 4+. Children under 4 years go free! Visit