Whale Watching Sydney

Fantaseas’ Whale Watching Sydney cruise is an open water cruise aboard a dedicated viewing vessel with a guided tour put together by our Marine Biologist Sophie Powell.  Due to global conservation efforts the numbers of whales migrating north this year is expected to top 20,000,  this increases the opportunity for whale sightings as they move north to breed and return with their calves between May and November each year. You may also see, Orcas and Minke whales, dolphins, seals and fairy penguins on the cruise.

Humpback Whale migrations

Humpbacks have a wide geographic range and during the summer months, populations in the southern hemisphere spend their time in Antarctica feeding. In late autumn they begin an annual migratory route to their winter breeding and calving grounds in the warmer tropical waters of the Pacific. On our cruises, we see a lot of breaching by active males showing their dominance to impress the females for mating during May.

Mid to late August to the beginning of December the whales are now all swimming south and we start seeing mothers with their newborn calves. They tend to spend more time on the surface and swim slower (so that the calf can keep up!).

In September we also have the first whales on their way south again. A very interesting time of year with whales going both ways!

Whale songs being streamed live!

We are leading the charge among Sydney whale watching operators. If the conditions permit we are able to play whale songs to you using state of the art underwater microphones!

*please inform staff/crew if you suffer from seasickness at the time of booking and boarding the vessel


Fully hosted Whale Watching experience with friendly and professional crew Complimentary tea and coffee inside the harbour only
Iconic sights of Sydney Harbour with unique photo opportunities Ultra-modern catamaran with two large open deck viewing areas
Fantasea Icons - Key Light-22 Snacks and refreshments available for cash and card purchase Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Fin Whales, Southern Rights and variety of birds

Timetable for Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour (Pier 26, Wharf 9)
Tuesday – Thursday
Friday – Monday
10:00am & 1:30pm

Timetable for Circular Quay

Circular Quay (Eastern Pontoon)
Tuesday – Thursday
Friday – Monday
10:30am & 2:00pm


Activity Duration
Inner harbour cruise to Circular Quay* 30 minutes
Sprint to the “Whale Highway” 30 minutes
The Whale Experience! 45 – 60 minutes
Return home to Circular Quay / Darling Harbour! 30 / 45 minutes

*departing from Darling Harbour

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Child (5-15)

Family (2adult+3children)

$80 $ 65

$50 $ 40

$210 $ 199


Tour Highlights

humpback whales sydney sightseeing humpback whales sydney sightseeing
humpback whales in sydney humpback whales in sydney

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