About us

We love what we do and we love Sydney Harbour. We give people memories, the difference between ordinary day routines and striking lines through the bucket list. We are dreamers who believe that life is meant to be fun and we take that seriously. Established in 1928, we aspire to uphold the values of our family business.

With the latest in vessel design and good old-fashioned authentic Australian experiences, we’re reinvigorating Sydney Harbour.

Fantasea Cruising Sydney is part of the Riverside Marine Group of Companies. Every year, half a million guests from across Australia and around the world travel with our fun, experienced team to some of Australia’s most visited icons, let fantasea give you an adventure of a life time.

Fantasea operates in three locations within Australia.

Fantasea Cruising Sydney operates harbour cruises in Sydney. Yellow Water Taxis, Aussi Water Taxis and Sydney Water Taxis are also part of our operations. They are now part of the largest and safest water taxi fleet on Sydney Harbour – Fantasea Sydney Water Taxis.

Fantasea Cruising Magnectic operates car and passenger ferries from Townsville to Magnetic Island in Queensland. You can learn more about our operations in Queensland here

Palm Beach Ferries operates a ferry service for the Northern Sydney beaches. You can learn more about our operation in Palm Beach here

Riverside Marine was founded in Brisbane
Fantasea Adventure Cruising was founded
Fantasea joins the Riverside Marine
Fantasea cruises to Sydney! :)
Fantasea supports Harbour City Ferries
Seven Wonders is launched
Fantasea Cruisin' joins the fleet
Early 2013
The Bondi Boat and Whale Watching cruises are launched
Late 2013
Fantasea Escapade joins the fleet
Mid 2014
Yellow, Sydney and Aussi Water Taxis join Fantasea
Late 2014
Fantasea 8 Seasons joins the fleet
Dec’ 2014
Hop on Hop off is launched
Mid 2015
Fantasea sends missions to China and Melbourne! Woo Hoo!
Mid 2015
Morning Tea and Taronga Zoo cruises are launched

We love Sydney

  • Discover where Sydney locals go to relax

  •  Immerse yourself in the city of festivals with cruises from Fantasea Cruising Sydney

  • Our friendly staff are always armed with a smile to welcome you onboard

  • We’re bring the life and fun back to Sydney Harbour!

Fantasea Morning Tea Cruise - Sydney Opera House
whale watching

We love our people

Skipper Extraordinaire

Ben Best

Feel with the eyes

Guilherme Gagliardi


Ray Liu

El Capitano

Damien Foreman

Debt Collector

Darshit Tanna

The Boat Doctor

Kelvin Parkin

All Things Chinese

Stephanie Hu

Sales & Marketing James Bond

Chris Pilkington

Sales and Marketing Manager | [email protected]

Mob: 0400 116 894

Tim-tam Lover

Omer Rehman

The Big Boss

Callum Campbell



We’re always looking for creative, inspiring and passionate team members. People who are hungry to achieve and engage with our customers. With a passion for excellence, we are looking for people who are driven. We enjoy working with unique individuals with varied talents and experiences that allow us to create a culture we are proud of.

Clear, thoughtful and unexpected experiences carefully developed and mastered. We work and celebrate as one united team in the simple things to positively impact the lives of our customers.

We are currently hiring! Open Positions – Senior Marketing Manager , Office Manager and Senior Management Accountant.

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